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To: Gov. Kim Reynolds, Iowa Legislature

Raise Iowa's Minimum Wage!

Raise Iowa's Minimum Wage!

Politicians like to talk big about improving wages, now it's time to not only talk the talk but to take action. Raising the minimum wage would make it easier to keep workers in Iowa, and boost the local economy. It’s time for Governor Reynolds and Republicans in the legislature to raise the minimum wage!

Why is this important?

The Iowa minimum wage was last raised in 2008, and has remained at $7.25 since that time. On January 1st, the minimum wage increased in 18 states across the country, while Iowans continued to wait. And since 2008, the federal minimum wage was increased to $7.25 in 2009, 5 of Iowa’s 6 neighboring states have increased their minimum wage, and several counties in Iowa passed minimum wage increases before they were pre-empted by the 2017 legislature.

Iowa, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • With nearly all property owners requiring tenants to earn at last three times their rent (and the majority of apartments in CB asking 650+ per month), how can anyone expect any of us to live anywhere here on these wages? It's absurd!
  • I worked therw union for YEARS, and the minimum wage IS a disgrace.
  • $7.25 isn't a living wage. It must be increased and we need to vote out the Repugs who promote this as ok.


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