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To: Terry Branstad, Kim Reynolds, the Iowa Legislature

Prioritize Working Families, Not Corporate Tax Cuts

Prioritize Working Families, Not Corporate Tax Cuts

Prioritize working families, instead of corporate tax cuts in the state budget!

Why is this important?

Iowa's working families need strong public services, well funded public schools, and clean drinking water, all of which have been de-funded and de-prioritized by Gov. Branstad, Lt. Gov. Reynolds, and the Republican legislature in favor of massive tax breaks for the wealthy. In fact, 67 tax breaks will cost our state budget $1 billion this year alone. Our state doesn't have a revenue problem. Republicans have a priorities problem.

Iowa, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • Gov. Branstad has done nothing but push Iowa back 30 years and bankrupt us! It is time for he and his fellow republicans to leave!!! Vote 2018!
  • His policies have been and will be disasters....
  • The cuts he is signing are impacting important programs and protections for working families. It's time to help the majority and not the minority.


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