• Protect Iowa Courts from Politics
    The Iowa legislature is back in session, and there are already attempts being made to attack our fair and impartial courts. Representative Skyler Wheeler and Senator Mark Chelgren have introduced a number of bills targeting the judiciary, simply because they don't agree with their past decisions. Their legislation would do the following: 1. Slash salaries for justices 2. Shorten the terms for justices 3. Abolish Iowa's retention elections for Supreme Court Justices 4. Force judges to personally pay for security at courthouses Iowa has a strong tradition of fair and impartial courts, and our judges and justices should never feel like they're looking over their shoulder, wondering whether our state's politicians agree with their decisions. Our courts should remain independent, and be focused on delivering justice - not on politics. That's why we need your help today. Add your name to our petition, and stand up for Iowa's courts!
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  • Oppose Corporate Judge Gorsuch!
    President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Gorsuch, has a record of record of siding with big money, and if confirmed, everyday Iowans will have a harder time being heard. Gorsuch has consistently ruled on the side of wealthy, corporate interests, and against women, workers, and immigrants. His track record shows that he would not be a mainstream Supreme Court justice.
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    Created by Matt Sinovic