• Raise Iowa's Minimum Wage!
    The Iowa minimum wage was last raised in 2008, and has remained at $7.25 since that time. On January 1st, the minimum wage increased in 18 states across the country, while Iowans continued to wait. And since 2008, the federal minimum wage was increased to $7.25 in 2009, 5 of Iowa’s 6 neighboring states have increased their minimum wage, and several counties in Iowa passed minimum wage increases before they were pre-empted by the 2017 legislature.
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  • Prioritize Working Families, Not Corporate Tax Cuts
    Iowa's working families need strong public services, well funded public schools, and clean drinking water, all of which have been de-funded and de-prioritized by Gov. Branstad, Lt. Gov. Reynolds, and the Republican legislature in favor of massive tax breaks for the wealthy. In fact, 67 tax breaks will cost our state budget $1 billion this year alone. Our state doesn't have a revenue problem. Republicans have a priorities problem.
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